Casertana Salami


The product is bagged in an artisan way and the weight may slightly differ.

Casertano Salami is a hand-tied sausage made from coarsely ground black pig meat flavored with pepper. Air-drying for at least two months.

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Tomaso Salumi


Natural intestine

Air-Drying Time

60 days


Cheese, Craft beer, Snacks, Wine

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Black Casertana Salami

The Casertana Pig is an indigenous Italian pig strain, one of the oldest in Southern Italy. Its meat is very delicious due to the high degree of marbling that makes it softer and tastier. Furthermore, our black pig from Caserta is raised in a semi-wild state and this characterizes the aroma and intense flavor of its meat.

Casertano Black Pig Salami is characterized by its unique and unmistakable flavor obtained from the right balance between parts of lean and fatty meats.
The craftsmanship of the product is guaranteed by the use of a natural casing, by the binding made, according to tradition, exclusively by hand and by maturing for at least 2 months.

Store in the fridge between 0°C and +4°C.


Other Information

Average nutritional values per 100 gr. of product

Energia: 1720kj/411kcal
Grassi: 33 gr.
di cui acidi grassi saturi: 11gr.
Carboidrati: 0,6 gr.
di cui zuccheri 0,6 gr.
Fibre: 0 gr.
Proteine 28 gr.
Sale: 4,5 gr.

Ingredients: pork, salt, spices and natural flavourings
Sugars: dextrose, sucrose.
Preservatives: E252
Antioxidant: E301