We bring online the Italian craftsmanship and uniqueness by offering local products that could never have gone so far, products that could not have come to your table.

In the name, all our spirit of research

The name Cubulteriae is inspired by an ancient Samnite and then Roman city that once stood in the Volturno valley, the river that flows near our lands. The Cubulteriae Vitae brand is a tribute to our origins and a symbol of our ability to discover, and re-discover, hidden worlds and experiences that deserve to come to light. Small treasures of taste that have remained unknown for too long. This is why we select the best local products day by day: food, wine and craft beer made with the best ingredients.

Le coordinate di un lungo viaggio

In the obsessive search for original products with highest quality, nowhere to be found, unique.
To valorize our wine and agro-food excellence, in Italy and abroad.
To grow together with small businesses with a global project.
Bringing even the most traditional companies to take advantage of the potential of the web.
Guaranteeing the authenticity of the proposals and the control over the entire supply chain.
In a very clear relationship with partners and consumers.