Selection of the Best Italian Products Online

In Italy there are a multitude of hidden food excellencies. Local niche productions, unknown products, wines and foods of the high quality and extraordinary value still unknown to the public.

We have embarked on a long journey to find and valorize them to palate of true connoisseurs and of the market.

A path of research, passion and dedication. Thanks to which we select the best food excellencies of our territory day by day.

We are constantly working to offer unique products. Starting from the study of vinification of our wines, to the recipes of craft beers. We control that the raw materials are of high quality and we check the entire production chain. Finally we select only the best products.

That’s why you can find so many different specialties here. Since it is only in this way that we can guarantee you a unique experience.

The coordinates of a long journey.

In the obsessive search for original products: high quality, hard to find, unique.
To enhance our wine and food excellencies, in Italy and abroad.
To grow together with small businesses with a global project.
Bringing even the most traditional companies to take advantage of the potential of the web.
Guaranteeing the authenticity of the proposals and the control over the entire supply chain.
In a very clear relationship with partners and consumers.