Soft Moldy Crust Buffalo Cheese


300 gr

Soft buffalo cheese in bloomy rind with a soft heart covered with a thin edible white rind. After aging, which varies between 25 and 35 days, the cheese becomes creamy instead of hardening! Handcrafted from zero km buffalo milk.

1 quantity is 300 gr


Soft Italian buffalo cheese


Campania, Italy


Il Casolare


Porcelain with downy white surface


100% Italian buffalo's milk, Rennet, Salt

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Soft Moldy Crust Buffalo Cheese

The name of this cheese is Fabula which is the anagram of the word Bufala and its creation stems from the desire to overcome the belief that only mozzarella can be made with buffalo milk!

This soft buffalo cheese aesthetically resembles a Camembert cheese due to the edible bloomy rind in pennicillium candidum but the flavor is extremely different. Furthermore, its peculiarity is that after curing, which varies between 25 and 35 days, instead of hardening it becomes creamier! In the past, cheeses with this singular characteristic were called “wrong”.

The soft buffalo cheese Fabula is the demonstration that buffalo milk has an edge and that its processing by expert hands can give incredible flavors in every form!