Caciocavallo Aged 550g


Caciocavallo handmade from zero km Italian cow’s milk. Available both fresh and seasoned with a buttery taste and slightly spicy notes!

1 quantity is about 500 gr


Stretched curd cheese

Area d'Origine

Campania, Italy


Casearia Miramonti


Porcelain white, Straw yellow


Italian Cow's Milk, Rennet, Salt

Net weight


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Caciocavallo Aged

Caciocavallo is produced by processing only Italian cow’s milk. It falls into the category of stretched curd cheeses but the consistency, due to the processing technique, is harder. The story tells that its name derives from the custom of the shepherds who, after processing by hand, hung the cheese on the back of the horse to transport it to the market and sell it.

Our caciocavallo online, as per tradition, is entirely handmade and is kept hanging astride a beam for drying. This process makes each piece unique with a shape that is always different from the previous one.
It can be enjoyed both fresh and white, and aged (at least 20 days). The structure of the dough is elastic and compact and in fresh caciocavallo you can feel the aroma of milk, while in aged caciocavallo the taste tends to melted butter and hay up to the spicy notes typical of a maturation of at least 90 days. The latter, visually, may also have small holes that make the pasta more succulent.

After opening, store in the fridge, letting the cheese breathe.

Other Information

Nutritional values per 100 grams of product
Energy 742 Kcal / 3051 kJ
Fat 82.0 g (of which saturated fatty acids 18 g)
Carbohydrates 0.1 g (of which sugars 0.0 g)
Protein 0.9 g
Salt 1.8 g

Cow’s milk, rennet, salt
Origin of Milk: Italy