Pallagrello Bianco


The Pallagrello Bianco VITAE will envelop you in its scents of white fruit with notes of citrus. In the mouth it is fresh with a marked minerality. It is perfect for an aperitif, fish dishes or with pizza!

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Pallagrello Bianco IGT

Area d'Origine

Campania, Italy


Pallagrello Bianco 100%




Golden yellow with green highlights


Citrus, White fruits


Fresh, Persistent


Crustaceans and mollusca, Fish, Fresh cheese

Serve at

12 – 14 °C




0.75 L

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Pallagrello Bianco VITAE

The name Pallagrello has an uncertain origin. The most accredited version is probably the one relating to the reduced size of grape bunches and its berries. In fact, grapes of this precious vine are small, perfectly spherical and from this shape was born the nickname “Pallarell” which from local dialect means small ball. The other typical term to which the origin of name is associated is “pagliarello”. This word indicates the straw trellis traditionally used to store grapes and leave them to dry. Although the definition of its name is uncertain, history of this italian white wine is clear and centuries-old.
Pallagrello Bianco was in fact one of the ten most prized grape varieties during the second half of the 18th century. The only variety of Campania region (together with Pallagrello Nero) worthy of appearing in Luigi Vanvitelli’s magnificent project: “Vigna del Ventaglio”, an extensive semi-circular vineyard whose ten rays that compose it each host precious vines. Cultivated behind the Royal Palace of Caserta for King Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies, following the epidemic of phylloxera (an insect that attacks roots of the plant and causes serious damage in a short time with consequent death of vine), the crops of Pallagrello Bianco, as well as those of Pallagrello Nero, decreased considerably and it was thought that the variety was extinct. It was rediscovered in an abandoned vineyard in the early 1990s.



An Italian white wine online with unique characteristics, appreciated for centuries. Pallagrello Bianco VITAE is grown on a soil rich in minerals and is preserved and worked with passion. The production process begins with the harvesting of the grapes by hand and then continues with the vinification and subsequent maturation in steel. To the eye it has a typical color of a brilliant gold. On the nose the bouquet of fresh fruit with citrus notes expresses all its nobility. In the mouth it is persistent, fresh and with a marked minerality.
It will be a pleasure to taste it alone or to accompany it with fish dishes, crustaceans, molluscs and fresh cheeses. Absolutely to try with pizza.