Aglianico del Taburno DOCG 2013

Chestnut barrique

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Aglianico del Taburno DOCG VITAE is obtained with an ancient and traditional vinification system used since 1700. Aging in wood in chestnut barriques elevates it to a unique complexity and intensity. It releases hints of red and dried fruit, balsamic herbs and spicy notes.


Aglianico del Taburno DOCG



Area d'Origine

Campania, Italy


Aglianico 100%


Chestnut Barrique, Steel


Ruby red with garnet shadows


Balsamic herbs, Nut, Red fruits, spicy and toasted scents, Tobacco


Balanced, Round, Warm


Aged cheese, Red meat, Roasted and grilled meat

Serve at

16 – 18 °C




0.75 L

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Aglianico del Taburno DOCG 2013 VITAE

The production area of ​​this wine is an ancient historical region of southern Italy: Sannio. An area that boasts a millenary history of winemaking, citations on Samnite wine can already be found in the writings of ancient Greece of the 5th century BC. Aglianico del Taburno DOCG 2013 VITAE is an Italian red wine that is proposed as an expression of wine tradition. This red wine with unique characteristics is obtained from an ancient and traditional vinification system used since 1700. A particular process that today has fallen into disuse, especially due to the long production times. In particular, after the grape harvest by hand, process involves cooking part of harvest at high temperatures. This portion of bunches, now exhausted by the heat, is then reunited with the rest of the batch for fermentation in special chestnut vats. Once this phase is completed, the wine is aged in wood in precious chestnut barriques roasted at 75%. Finally, complete refinement in the bottle.



Ruby red in color with light garnet reflections, Aglianico del Taburno DOCG VITAE has a rich bouquet of aromas that fluctuate from red fruit to tobacco. A perfume that has won over with its aging in wood. To these smells are also added hints of dried fruit with spicy notes, vanilla aroma and hints of toasting. The complexity and intensity of this red wine can be found from the first sip, in perfect balance between alcohol and tannin. Its excellent structure makes it perfect for important meals with dishes such as game, braised and red meats. At the same time it is an excellent red wine to drink while savoring cured meats and aged cheeses. Aglianico del Taburno DOCG 2013 is part of an annual production that does not exceed 500 bottles. A minimum quantity, for an excellent quality. A treasure that could not remain hidden. An excellence of Italian territory that could not be missing in our wine selection.