Italian Blanche 33CL


Vegan friendly

Craft wheat beer with rye and citrus from the Amalfi Coast,  with an intense lemon scent and a fruity and refreshing taste. Refermented and aged in the bottle.
Unpasteurized, unfiltered, it can create natural sediment.

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Beer style



Opalescent straw yellow


Citrusy, Floral, Fresh, Good acidity


Crustaceans and mollusca, Fish, Fresh cheese, Pasta and main course with fish, Pizza

Serve at

6 – 8 °C




5.5 %


0.33 L


Hop, Malted barley, Rye, Spices, Sugar, Water, Yeast

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Craft Beer Italian Blanche with Lemon of Amalfi Coast

Wheat beer falls into the category of beers produced by the fermentation of wheat, mixed with malted barley. This family includes the Blanche, also called Witbier in Dutch and translatable as “white beer”. It gets its name from its appearance which, due to parts of suspended yeast and wheat proteins, appears fuzzy or almost white in color at low temperatures. Top-fermented, mainly produced in Belgium and the Netherlands, it is made in part following the medieval tradition. This process did not involve the use of hops, but the beers were flavored and preserved with a mixture of spices and herbs. In particular, coriander, orange and bitter orange. This mixture gives the drink a more fruity, acidic and very refreshing flavor. In the selection of VITAE beers, our craft beer Italian Blanche falls into this particular category of drinks.



Respecting tradition and in a refined balance between quality and Italian spirit, we have selected our Italian-style Blanche! The spice mixture is characterized by coriander and citrus fruits from the Amalfi Coast. This combination of aromas enhances the scents of lemon giving the right harmony between sweetness and acidity. The addition of rye gives a dry finish to the sip for a refreshing drink full of flavors. To the eye it is straw yellow and opalescent like any good Witbier! Its foam is white, fine and persistent. Furthermore, the process is entirely vegan-friendly. A perfect beer for a refreshing drink, an aperitif, to accompany meals based on fish and cheeses or for a vegan diet. The Italian Blanche craft beer is an excellence of our territory.