Amber Honey Ale 33CL


Special amber craft beer with organic chestnut honey, refermented and aged in the bottle. Characterized by a blend of six fine malts and continental and American hops. It is perfect both for meals with elaborate dishes and for an aperitif with aged cheeses and cold cuts.
Unpasteurized, unfiltered, it can create natural sediment.

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Beer style

Honey Ale




Bitter, spicy and balsamic aftertaste, Honey notes, Toasted notes


Aged cheese, Ham and salami, Meat, Pasta and main course with meat

Serve at

8 – 10 °C






Hop, Malted barley, Organic honey, Sugar, Water, Yeast

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Amber Honey Ale Craft Beer with Organic Honey

Ale is the term used to indicate top-fermented beers and in the past it referred to drinks produced without hops. High fermentation refers to the high temperature at which the yeast ferments and its process of rising to surface of vat. This process gives it a sweet, full-bodied and fruity flavor. The vast majority of ales nowadays contain herbs or spices, usually hops, in order to impart a bitter aroma that balances the sweetness of the malt. It is a popular drink all over the world and has been made and consumed in huge quantities since the Middle Ages. In fact, at this time, beer was probably safer to drink than most water. This was due to its production which required several hours of boiling thus reducing pathogens. Its diffusion is also due to the many different beer styles that characterize its production. A particular beer style is just what you can find in our selection of beers: a special amber Ale with organic honey. From this style derives the name of the craft beer Amber Honey Ale.



A craft beer made with passion and refinement, with an amber color with coppery reflections. The uniqueness of Amber Honey Ale is already at the base of its recipe: a blend of six fine malts, with the addition of continental and American hops. Everything is enriched with a precious organic chestnut honey, locally produced, whose sweetness is perceived as soon as the beer touches our lips. Subsequently, the drink releases toasted notes and a moderate bitterness and then ends with a spicy and balsamic aftertaste.
Its ivory foam, very fine and very persistent, will seduce you whether you want to enjoy it for a meal based on meat, braised meats or ragù, or for an aperitif with aged cheeses and ham/salami.
Try it also with pizza, it will amaze you!