Weizenita 33CL


Light craft beer refermented and aged in the bottle. Made with Italian barley and wheat malt and spiced with citrus fruits. It is perfect to be enjoyed with meat dishes, with an aperitif or with dry pastries.
Unpasteurized, unfiltered, it forms natural sediment.

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Beer style



Golden yellow


Balanced, Fruity


Cheese, Dry pastries, Ham and salami, Meat, Pasta and main course with meat

Serve at

6 – 8 °C






0.33 L


Hop, Malted barley and Italian wheat, Spices, Sugar, Water, Yeast

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Weizenita Craft Beer

Weizenbier, literally “wheat beer”, is a traditionally Bavarian beer, typically top-fermented. It is sometimes also called “white beer”, from the German “Weissbier” with reference to white foam that is generated during fermentation. Main feature of Weiss craft beer style is the presence of a significant percentage of malted wheat in addition to barley malt. And it is precisely with this style that our WEIZENITA craft beer is made: with 100% Italian wheat malt in addition to the classic barley malt.


Weizenita is a light craft beer, made with Italian barley and wheat malt, lightly spiced with citrus fruits. On the nose it releases fruity notes, perceived from the first sip, to which sweet hints of cinnamon and orange are added. On the finish the drink becomes dry with an acidic tip. The color is golden yellow with orange reflections and the foam is bright white. A light craft beer, perfect for any occasion. To combine with meat dishes, such as roasts or stews or with various types of cheeses. Its fruity notes make it suitable also to accompany sweets and dry pastries.