Treccia di Bufala DOP 500g



500 gr

Treccia of Buffalo Mozzarella PDO handmade from fresh Italian buffalo milk. Handcrafted the same day it is shipped. A 100% Italian product, with unique characteristics.

1 quantity is 500 gr


Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP


Campania, Italy


Il Casolare


Porcelain white


100% Italian buffalo's milk, Rennet, Salt

Peso netto

0.5 kg

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Italian Buffalo Mozzarella Treccia PDO

Buffalo Mozzarella Treccia PDO follows the same production process as the classic buffalo mozzarella with the hand processing of fresh milk at zero km. Treccia has a more tight consistency due to the rigorously handmade weaves.
With its unmistakable flavor and its typical porcelain white color, the DOP buffalo Treccia is perfect both to be enjoyed as a main dish and to dress other courses such as pasta, pizza or a parmigiana!

Shipping and Storage

VITAE’s mozzarella is shipped as soon as its production process ends and arrives at your Italian home within 24 hours. It is immersed in its water where it retains all its properties and is crammed into polystyrene containers to keep the temperature constant during the journey. In this way the quality is guaranteed and the product is ready to be tasted as soon as it arrives on your table.

To preserve its freshness avoiding possible storage in courier warehouses during the weekend, the product is shipped only from Monday to Wednesday.

Once the package has been opened, place all the contents in a bowl and leave the mozzarella in its preserving liquid until consumption. If away from heat sources, mozzarella does not need to be placed in the fridge. In the summer months, however, it is advisable to keep it in the fridge, possibly in closed polystyrene. Preserved in its water, all the properties of the product are saved, including its natural softness and shine.