Taralli with Wild Fennel


300 gr

Italian crackers boiled before baking, according to the ancient traditional recipe. With wild fennel that grows spontaneously in our mountains. They are stored in the freshness-saving packaging so that they can be enjoyed at any time.


Wild fennel


Cheese, Craft beer, Ham and salami, Pickles, Wine


300 g


EVO Oil, Fennel, Natural sourdough, Salt, Water, Wheat flour "00", White wine

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Taralli with Wild Fennel Seeds

Taralli with fennel are savory biscuits as crackers. They are produced in an artisanal way, carefully following the ancient traditional recipe that involves hand processing and boiling the tarallo in water. After it is cooked in the oven. Thanks to this process, the tarallo acquires a unique crunchiness and crispness.
The raw materials are all of the highest quality such as extra virgin olive oil, mother yeast, white wine (Falanghina Beneventana) and wild fennel seeds.  Crackers are stored in our freshness-saving packaging so you can enjoy them as if it were the first time even after opening them. They can be consumed until the expiration date when stored in the original packaging in a cool and dry environment away from sources of light and heat.



The fennel plant is a special ingredient of our culinary tradition that grows spontaneously in our mountains. It is harvested in October and then left to dry under the sun. Finally, it becomes part of our tarallo giving it a flavored taste that is perfect for appetizers and aperitifs in combination with cured meats, pickles and cheeses.
Taralli VITAE with fennel are also excellent as a substitute for bread and to nibble when you want something simple and tasty. A must try with our selection of wine and craft beer.
There is no added preservatives or dyes.