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A fine and tasty cured meat produced from medium-grain minced pork and combined with a limited amount of fat. Stuffed in natural casing, tied by hand with string and air-dried for 60 days.

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Natural intestine


60 days


Cheese, Craft beer, Snacks, Wine

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Soppressata is a sausage prepared only with the best parts of the pork (noble cuts of ham) minced to medium grain and with a limited amount of fat to make it softer and tastier. The pigs come exclusively from local breeding, selecting only those that reach an optimal weight between 160 and 180 kg.
The mastery in the tanning of the meats, the use of natural casing, the hand tying and the maturation with air-drying for about 60 days make this cured meat a real delicacy that delights the palate!