Italian Traditional Sausage


The product is bagged in an artisan way and the weight may slightly differ.

Produced from selected pigs, with knife-cut meat, mixed with salt and air-dried for 30 days in natural casing. With a genuine flavor and an enveloping aroma, Sweet Sausage is a product that can be eaten both raw and cooked!


Natural intestine


30 days


Cheese, Craft beer, Snacks, Wine

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Italian Traditional Sausage

Air-dried Sausage is a cured pork sausage, produced with pork meat selected from local breeding. The processing involves the use of lean and fat parts cut with a knife point in accordance with the artisan tradition. Afterwards, the diced meat is mixed with salt and various spices in expertly dosed quantities. Finally, it is stuffed into natural casings and air-dried for at least 30 days.
Authenticity, softness and sweetness are the fundamental characteristics of this sausage for sale online, obtained from the craftsmanship of generations of meat workers. Its enveloping scent and its strong flavor seasoned sausage a dish suitable for both raw and cooked consumption!
Raw and cut into slices, it is perfect for an aperitif or a tasty sandwich, while when cooked it lends itself well to the filling of savory pies or, for example, to the dressing of savory first courses.
It is absolutely to be paired with our selection of red wines!