Guanciale of Black Casertana Pig


1.5 kg ca

The product is bagged in an artisan way and the weight may slightly differ.

From a tanning of only salt, spices and natural aromas and finally aged for at least 2 months. The Black Pig of Casertana breed is made only with pigs in the wild from local breeding, without preservatives and without additives.


60 days


Cheese, Craft beer, Snacks, Wine

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Guanciale of Casertana Pig

The Casertana Pig is an indigenous Italian pig strain, one of the oldest in Southern Italy. Its meat is very delicious due to the high degree of marbling that makes it softer and tastier. Furthermore, our black pig from Caserta is raised in a semi-wild state and this characterizes the aroma and intense flavor of its meat.

Guanciale of the Casertana breed is characterized by the so-called “sciacquaglie” (wattles), distinguishing elements of the indigenous breed of black pig from Caserta.
The authenticity of the product is guaranteed by a tanning of only salt, spices and natural flavors as well as by the careful selection of the raw material coming exclusively from pigs reared in a semi-wild state. The air-drying is at least 2 months, without preservatives and without additives.